Long periods of computer (VDU) use can cause eyestrain. The main reasons for this are reflections from the computer screen, dry work environments often with air-conditioning and the fact that we often blink less when concentrating on the screen.

Eyestrain may also be a sign of uncorrected refractive error and some people require glasses specifically for VDU use. These often will have anti-reflective coatings on the lenses to help eliminate annoying ghost-images and reflections from the front and back surfaces of the spectacle lenses.

Often positioning the computer screen correctly in the room in relation to the position of any windows can help minimise reflections and also having good quality lighting systems can help ensure comfortable viewing. Many computer displays allow for alterations to the size of the font. Using a larger size font might help reduce eyestrain. Also increasing the brightness and contrast of the display may make long periods of computer use more manageable.

It is also important to take frequent breaks. At least 5 minutes break in every hour is recommended. It is also recommended to do focusing exercises for a few minutes every hour to allow you eyes to relax and look at objects far away.

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